1. In-depth research

BSI is commissioned to create a standard. A dedicated project manager is assigned, and document scope begins. BSI identifies stakeholders and researches standards and publications to ensure there is no crossover.

2. Steering/Advisory group

A group of experts is formed to resolve technical comments, chaired by BSI and independent of external interest.

3. Review panel

Standard goes for public consultation, targeted at experts with a close interest in the subject matter.

4. Finalize draft

Comments from public consultation are discussed by steering/advisory group to achieve a consensus-based document. Once all comments have been reviewed, including those of the steering/advisory group* in-line with our governance requirements (PAS 0 or Flex 0), the standard is published.

*In the case of BSI Flex, the scope can be adjusted to reach rapid consensus. Multiple iterations can be made to include new and changing points of consensus.

5. Publication and promotion

Flexible and customized approach to standard design and delivery, allowing for visible sponsor association. Acknowledgment is in the foreword and often by other means such as logos.


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