Building a shared understanding of remote operation of on-road vehicles

As the development and trialling of connected and automated mobility (CAM) approaches widespread deployment on public roads across the globe, the limitations of current self-driving technologies have been revealed. Wireless remote operation by a human is often proposed to overcome current and future limitations of vehicle automation. 

Why read the report?

  • Discover use cases from stakeholders in different operating environments and regulatory requirements.
  • Find out about future priorities based on stakeholder feedback for operator and system performance.
  • Gain insights into remote operation as a safety backup for CAM.
  • Explore different classes of remote operation.

The CAM Standards Programme

This white paper forms part of a broader CAM Standards Programme led by BSI and supported by the Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CCAV). The programme provides a wide range of free insights, videos, standards, and roadmaps to support and accelerate the safe and secure development, trialling, testing and deployment of automated mobility. 

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