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PAS 440:2020 Responsible Innovation - Guide

PAS 440 has been created to help innovators achieve greater sustained impact, both economically and socially. Complete the form below to download the following documents, free of charge:

  • PAS 440 Responsible Innovation - Guide
  • PAS 440 Table 1 – Company-level Social Responsibility template
    • MS Excel and,
    • MS Word
  • PAS 440 Table 2 – Responsible Innovation Framework template
    • MS Excel and,
    • MS Word

The templates are in an editable format to help users with document management and to save them the trouble of creating their own templates.

We are keen to receive feedback on PAS 440 use by innovators so that it can be improved in future iterations. We also want to understand better the RI elements specific to particular use-cases so that these can inform future innovation programme activity. It would very much help if those downloading the document can make themselves known to us by e-mailing and agreeing to be contacted (Opting In) at a future date to gather their experiences and insights.

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