Existing research and a way forward

The report explores approaches to assessing the safety performance of CAM that would be considered acceptable both in terms of overall safety and from the perspective of other road users. It also proposes a potential route to CAM safety benchmarks using a new “digital commentary driving” technique. This involves the continuous collection of data from a CAM on its perceptions, decisions, reactions and feedback whilst driving.

Why read the report?

  • Navigate existing research on assessing CAM safety performance.
  • Discover a proposed route to CAM safety benchmarks.
  • Examine the role of Digital Commentary Driving.
  • Explore the recommended next steps.


The CAM Standards Programme

This white paper forms part of a broader CAM Standards Programme led by BSI and supported by the Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CCAV). The programme provides a wide range of free insights, videos, standards, and roadmaps to support and accelerate the safe and secure development, trialling, testing and deployment of automated mobility. 

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