Moving from RC14001:2013 to RC14001:2015. Your complete transition guide.

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This guide has been designed to help you meet the requirements of the new version of the ACC specification for Responsible Care Management Systems (RCMS), RC14001:2015, which replaces RC14001:2013. It defines the requirements for establishing, implementing, maintaining and continually improving an RCMS for any organization, regardless of size. The guide includes:

  • Why has the standard changed?
  • What is in the new standard and what are the benefits for organizations?
  • Implementing RC14001
  • Comparing RC14001:2015 with RC14001:2013
  • The key requirements of RC14001:2015

And much more...

BSI Selected as a 3rd-Party Verifier for NACD Responsible Distribution

While one of the leading providers of assessments to Responsible Care, the chemical manufacturing sector-specific standards, BSI is also a verifier for the National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD NACD Responsible Distribution, the association’s mandatory environmental, health, safety and security (EHS&S) program. Responsible Care and Responsible Distribution represent the robust commitment by different arms of the global chemical industry to drive continuous improvement and achieve excellence in EHS&S performance.

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BSI Case Study: Afton Chemical

See how Afton Chemical committed to continual improvement with Responsible Care certification. Specifically how they reduced risk and realized consistent EHS expectations across the global organization, with consistent policies, procedures and programs to drive improved performance.

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Your Guide to Implementing a Responsible Care
Management System

Looking to improve your environmental, health, safety, security and transportation performance? Choose Responsible Care certification, created by the chemical industry to manage all risks with a single process.

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Who are RC14001, Responsible Distribution and RCMS certifications for?

Implementing RC14001, Responsible Distribution or RCMS is technically a voluntary program; however, both the American Chemistry Council and the National Association of Chemical Distributors require certification for its member companies and partners. This technical specification was originally created for chemical companies and their suppliers, but you do not need to be an ACC or NACD member to seek certification.

How much overlap between the Responsible Care and Responsible Distribution Management Systems?

The NACD (the source of the above image), says, "While the spirit and intent of the two initiatives are similar, there are some differences in both scope and format of the respective management systems." BSI can guide you through the process for either certification and help you minimize any additional work in gaining your RC14001 or Responsible Distribution certifications.

Are you ready for a Responsible Care Management System?

Whether you are new to Responsible Care or looking to take your expertise further, we have the right training courses, resources, and services. We offer packages that can be customized to your business to jumpstart your management system certification-cutting the cost of services you do not need. A Responsible Care package can be designed to remove the complexity of getting you where you want to be, whatever your starting point. Visit the RC14001 section on our website, or call one of our helpful training specialists at 1 800 216 1215.

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