What does BIM mean for me?

The concepts of BIM are generally well understood in the industry - but what does it mean in reality? How will it be interpreted by your suppliers and customers and what will be expected of you to meet the BIM challenge?

Here, some of the industry leading experts explain what BIM means to them, why it is important and how it will affect them and the services they provide. For further information, you can also download our handy e-book free of charge.

Su Butcher, Just Practising

Su Butcher a Social Strategist at Just Practising Limited works closely with the UK BIM alliance on their communications strategy. She can see first-hand that through BIM, the construction industry can become more efficient, more effective and more sustainable by using integrated collaborative working techniques supported by technology.

Joe Cilia, FIS

Joe Cilia, Technical Manager for FIS, describes how the first steps to understanding BIM starts with learning the language and talking to people across the industry about their experiences and knowledge.

David Frise, FIS

David Frise, Chief Executive for FIS, explains how BIM brings collaboration to projects by simplifying language and enabling the understanding of goals and objectives across all stakeholders from contractors, manufacturers and clients.

Amador Caballero, Willmott Dixon Interiors

The BIM Manager for Willmott Dixon Interiors, Amador Caballero specialises in new-build and refurbishment contracts, and the implementation of BIM standards in the estimation, planning and construction management of each job.

David Churcher, Hitherwood Consulting

David Churcher is a trainer and consultant with a focus on small and medium-sized companies, helping them gain the knowledge they need to apply information management through BIM to their projects.

Neil Reed, BIMcert

Neil Reed is a director of BIMcert, which provides companies with funding and support to adopt BIM successfully. With over 20 years of industry experience, he's a BIM Accredited Professional and a leading BIM auditor.

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