Information Resilience: 'From Risk to Resilience in an Information Age'

Date: 29 March
Location: etc. venues St Paul's, 200 Aldersgate, London EC1A 4HD
Timings: 08.00 registration, 09.00 event starts, 16.00 event closes

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to learn from our own expert team and industry speakers.

Keynote speaker: Ian Glover, President of CREST and award winning Cyber Security Industry thought leader

"Today every individual and business is a potential victim of a cyber-attack. Nearly everyone we know has been a target in some form. We are seeing regular ransomware attacks on small businesses, even children's charities, to significant attacks on large enterprises for access to mass personal information and intellectual property. At a higher level the threat to critical national infrastructures is real and tangible. It is vital that organizations understand the risks and take appropriate action to protect themselves. It is the responsibility of professional cyber security organisations, government, regulators and standards bodies to help provide a robust approach to managing information security" - Ian Glover, President of CREST.

The inside line on managing information risk

Join us to get updates and guidance on the very latest in Cyber Security and Information Resilience. Whatever your business size or sector, our event takes an in-depth look at the risks and challenges companies need to be aware of and will help you become a more resilient organization.

Our agenda includes;

  • Keynote from Ian Glover, president of CREST
  • Focus on the European Union’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Guest industry speakers sharing valuable experience
  • A choice of 'hot topic' breakout sessions with Information Resilience specialists
  • 'Ask the Expert' clinic for 1-2-1 advice

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